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It’s a great idea to add your Facebook feed to your website. Not only does it encourage more people to visit your Facebook page, which is awesome if you are a business, it also shows your visitors that you have a social media footprint, and if there is good content on your Facebook page, it will help to engage your visitors for longer on your website, this is always good thing. This video is going to take you step-by-step through the process of adding a Facebook feed to your bootstrap or HTML website. This process will also work for a WordPress website or a Joomla website by editing in text mode. It is a really easy process, so don’t worry if you are a novice at web design you will be able to follow along and achieve the desired results with no problem at all.
facebook feedKeeping your visitors engaged for longer periods of time is really important. Using this method, your website will have new content each time you post something to your Facebook feed, you won’t even have to login to your website, it will be updated in real-time every time that’s your website loads. After adding the facebook feed to our bootstrap site, we will add some custom css to customize it to look like a smart phone or tablet.
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