WordPress Dashboard Overview and Functions

WordPress dashboard overview and functions. WordPress is a fantastic web design platform. It is very widely used throughout the world and is probably the number one platform for websites. For blogging it is always the option that I use as do so many others. With each new version of WordPress new features to enhance the experience are being added all the time.
Getting to know the WordPress dashboard, if you have never seen it before can be quite scary. Don’t worry though, it’s not that complicated! It has many awesome features that are put there to make your life easy. So we’ve put a little video together just to walk you through it.
The above video goes over the WordPress dashboard when you first install WordPress. If you are designing a website using WordPress, the first steps can be quite daunting if you have never used it before. We take you through and provide brief explanations and examples for most of the icons listed in the dashboard.
In this video we cover the dashboard home and updates pages. We then move on to the posts menu item and provide an example of how to create a post, including adding images, featured images and text examples with headings.
More tips at: web-design-and-tech-tips.com

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